Celtic Festival and Highland Games of the Quad Cities



Heavy Athletics Competition


Celtic Games of Strength and Agility... Show Your Might!

If you’re a spectator . . . 

The Heavy Games carry out traditions dating back to at least the 11th centry. They were origninally competitions among men that demonstrated their manhood, using items found commonly in the Scottish Highlands, such as stones, logs, and blacksmith hammers.  We hope you’ll enjoy the experience of watching these ancient tests of strength and agility. 

Please note – because the heavy games is an athletic competition with many at least six divisions, many of the events are contested simultaneous.  Thus, it’s nearly impossible to predict exactly what will happen when! We can’t tell you exactly when they will toss the caber, or when competition will wrap up for the day. However, we have tried to estimate when things will happen.  See Heavy Athletics Schedule

Events, in no particular order, may include: (click event to learn more)


If you’re a competitor . . .
Entrants are welcome in six divisions, from beginners to experts, masters, lightweights, and women! To learn more, please review our Rules and Entry Form. Some divisions may be limited in size, so don’t wait! 

Registration for the Heavy Games is easy but the heavy games are not!  Heavy Athletics Competition Registration


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