Celtic Festival and Highland Games of the Quad Cities



About Celtic Cultures Alliance of the Quad Cities

The Celtic Cultures Alliance of the Quad Cities is a 501(c)3 non profit corporation. 

Celtic Cultures Alliance of the Quad Cities
P.O. Box 6014
Rock Island, IL 61204


The Celtic Cultures Alliance of the QCA is an independent, secular, non-profit corporation formed to promote knowledge and understanding of the artistic, athletic, educational and historical contributions of the Celtic peoples.


Toward that end, we host, promote and participate in numerous cultural, athletic and educational events throughout the year. These events, which showcase the international Celtic community, include, but are not limited to:  

  • Exhibitions of international traditions,
  • Educational presentations at schools, libraries and other public venues,
  • Competitions of international athletics, music and dance,
  • Concerts and performances by Celtic artists,
  • Historical observations and re-creations of Celtic lore.


The Celtic peoples, or Celts, were an ancient group of nomadic tribes which occupied much of Central and Western Europe. Today, the Celts have spread throughout the world and continue to make important cultural and societal contributions wherever they settle across the globe. They are most closely associated with the modern areas of Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Cornwall, the Isle of Man, Brittany, Galicia, Asturia, and Nova Scotia.

It is the intent of the organization to address educational, cultural and literary functions, as well as promote Celtic competitions and exhibitions. Such competitions and exhibitions may include dance, bag pipe and drums, Gaelic football, rugby, Irish hurling, and traditional Heavy Athletics (Caber, stone put, weight and hammer throw, and Sheaf).

To promote public education as to Celtic history and culture, the organization promotes programs relating to genealogy, workshops representing Celtic heritage, and demonstrations of traditional skills. Literary acts include presentation of Celtic history, legends and storytelling to advance the knowledge of Celtic literary traditions. Music and arts education is provided to the general public through dance competitions and demonstrations bagpipe and drum competitions, and performances of Celtic folk music.


Celtic Festival and Highland Games of the Quad Cities

Grand Gaelic Golf Outing

Special Highland Games

Trivia Night

Kilted 5k

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